July 27, 2021

Our Path, Our Choice

Our Path, Our Choice

For those who know our journey, fertility has been a very sensitive topic that we rarely discuss with anyone. Quiet frankly, this is our business and no one else's. Earlier this year we started our journey in going through IVF to help grow our family. As Catholics, yes this is a very odd move but we are still doing this.

At first, yes I was against it. I quoted references from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) and just didn't feel it was the right thing. God is not the Church and He doesn't follow a book that was written by man. Yes it may be inspired by scripture but those aren't His rules. God lives by His own rules. After praying and really discerning on this topic, it felt that this was the path He wanted us to take.

When doors start opening and the means to make something happen fall onto your lap while also having other people provide you info that you already researched and hear the same thing THREE times...I think it is safe to say this is what we should do.

People can argue that this is not the way of the Catholic Church or that this is mortal sin. However, when we pray and hear a voice tell us to follow a path...all of which are for grace, mercy, and love...who are we to not follow. We would rather stand by God and be judged by the Church, than stand with the Church and be judged by God.

We are not all perfect. Most of the early disciples of Christ were people who'd we call today not Christ-like. Paul the Apostle persecuted many of the early disciples, yet God used him to do great things.

This journey isn't easy. Yes there are emotional struggles. People who condemn us because they think differently. Yet at the end of the day...we are the ones who are walking this path. No one else. This is our path, our choice, and our lives to give all to the Lord as He deems fit, regardless of the views of others. This is the answer to a prayer we both prayed and no one can take that away from us.