July 17, 2021

Our 2021 Summer Vacation

Our 2021 Summer Vacation

As many people probably did this summer, we took a family vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It was time for us to really get out and enjoy things since we have all been locked up at home for that last year and a half.

This year we went to Hotel XCARET Mexico. What was great about this resort was the fact that we had access to all the parks and tours for no additional cost. This was part of their ALL INCLUSIVE FUN package. I must say, it was really worth the money we spent on this.

We spent a week at this resort and oh how no one wanted to come back home when we had to. The service was amazing, they always ensured we had what we needed and if we didn't they would be prompt on getting it for us.

Food: We tried quite a few of their restaurants (Mercado del la Merced, Las Cuevas, Cantina Los Faroles, Chibali, Teatro Del Rio, Xin-Gao). Our favorites were Mercado and Las Cuevas. Las Cuevas was a the Mexican Steak House where it was practically an endless amount of meats. We left stuffed the one time we went there. Our other favorite was Mercado. It was the buffet they had but with an amazing selection. I felt that the lunch selection was much better than the dinner though. I think we eat there like six times throughout our stay. The food was amazing no matter what time of day we went. We were all very sad when we had to go home and cook ourselves :(

Experience: We went on several of the tours and parks they offered that were included with our stay. This was an absolutely an incredible all in one package here at XCARET.